Marston Thorold's Charity CE Primary School

Marston Thorold's Charity CE Primary School

Welcome to Nationwide School Uniforms.  The official school uniform supplier of Marston Thorold's Charity CE Primary School.

Here you will find all of the approved uniform items, both badged and plain that we offer.

Before selecting any items, please make sure you have familiarised yourself with the school's uniform policy.  A copy of which can be found by clicking on the link located below.

Delivery options will be shown within the checkout process.

Thank you for using Nationwide School Uniforms.

Uniform Policy
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  1. Red Sweatshirt Badged
  2. Red Cardigan Badged
  3. Red Fleece Badged
  4. Red Reversible Jacket Badged
  5. Polo Shirt Badged
  6. Red Book Bag Badged
  7. Red Junior Backpack Badged
  8. White PE T-Shirt Badged
  9. Red PE Bag Badged
  10. Plain PE Sweatshirt
  11. Plain PE Shadow Shorts
  12. Plain PE Jogging Pants
  13. Plain Black Girls Swimming Costume
  14. Plain Black PE Plimsolls
  15. Red
  16. Red
  17. Plain White Boys Short Sleeve Shirt
  18. Plain White Girls Short Sleeve Blouse
  19. Plain Junior Boys Pull On Trousers
  20. Plain Grey Junior Boys Shorts
  21. Plain Junior Girls Trousers
  22. Plain Grey Junior Skirt
  23. Plain Grey Junior Pinafore Dress
  24. Plain Red Junior Gingham Dress
  25. 3 Pack Plain Cotton Rich Ankle Socks
  26. Grey
  27. Name Tape Voucher Cards
  28. Universal Uniform
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