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Updated on 17th July 2021




1.0.       Introduction.

2.0.      When should I buy?

3.0.      How our retail store will operate.

4.0.      Why not place your order online?

5.0.      So, how do I choose which option is best for me?

6.0.      Additional advice on using our trade counter.

7.0.      Collections.

8.0.      Returns and/or exchanges.

9.0.      Help with choosing the correct size.

10.0.    Follow us on Facebook.

11.0.     Summary.


1.0.         Introduction.


We at Nationwide School Uniforms appreciate that the fast approaching “back to school” period may again bring challenges for many of us, especially given the continuing presence of the COVID-19 virus.  We have prepared this short guide, that we hope will assist you when purchasing your uniform items, prior to the new school year starting in September 2021.

Our main aim remains the same; to ensure that we provide a safe environment for our staff, parents, and their children, when working in or visiting our retail store in person.  This guide will give you, our valued customer, the tools to decide how you will purchase your uniform requirements this summer.


2.0.         When should I buy?


Whichever method you wish to use to shop with us, please bear in mind that, historically, the demand for uniform is at its greatest 14 days before the start of the new school year and we would urge you, if possible, to buy earlier than you would perhaps ordinarily do.  This will help us to spread sales over a greater period, which in turn, will mean that we are able to offer you all a better customer experience and limit the numbers of people onsite at any one time.


3.0.         How our retail store will operate.


Although all Government restrictions relating to Covid-19 are being relaxed from Monday 19th of July, we will continue to operate a trade counter “Argos/Screwfix style” service only.  For those of you who shopped with us this time last year, we will operate in just the same way.  To you our customer, this will mean that the following restrictions & procedures will apply when visiting our store:


  • All customers will be expected to queue outside and will enter the store using a “one in, one out” traffic light system.  Bollards will be used to control the direction of any queue and will act as a guide to ensure that people can stay a safe distance from one another if required.
  • Face masks are no longer manatory, however our staff will continue to wear them when working on the trade counter.  We would be very grateful if our customers, where possible, continue to wear a face covering when entering our store.
  • A hand sanitising station will continue to be located just inside the trade counter entrance for those who wish to clean their hands upon entry/exit.
  • Whilst our staff may be able to make some sizing recommendations, we will not be able to help you to measure your child on site, as all staff will be working from behind a counter.
  • When inside the store, you will still not be able to browse, and your child will still not be able to try on any items of clothing; all items are to be purchased and tried on at home.
  • We will continue to accept cash payments, where necessary, however we would prefer all customers to pay by card if possible.


4.0.         Why not place your order online?


Rather than use our trade counter service, why not purchase your uniform requirements online, from the comfort of your home, using our simple and easy to use web platform?  Each school has a single, purpose built, dedicated page on our website, which includes not only all of the approved “badged” items, but also all of the plain additional items such as trousers, skirts, pinafore dresses, shirts & blouses, socks & tights, shorts & jogging bottoms and name tapes that you may wish to order, giving you the option of buying all your uniform from one professional and dedicated supplier.

Each page also includes a list of the school’s uniform requirements, so that you can check any items off as you buy.

Once you have added all required items into the shopping basket, we then offer the following delivery options: 


  • Have your order delivered to one UK mainland address for a small flat rate charge of £4.50.  Your order will be sent via 1st class post or recorded delivery by Parcel Force.
  • Click & Collect.  Place your order online and collect it from us when you have received an email notifying you that your parcel is ready.
  • EOM (End of Month) delivery.  If your school is still signed up to this service, then why not take advantage of this free of charge delivery option.  Cut off & shipping dates can be found within the delivery & returns page on our website. 


5.0.         So, how do I choose which option is best for me?


Over the last 12 months, many of us have changed how we shop, with online orders increasing rapidly over this time as consumers have adapted to changing social restrictions.  In fact, the number of online orders we received during the last “back to school” period was 3 times that of the same period the year before.

Those of you who visited our trade counter within 14 days of the schools re-opening last summer may have experienced a long wait, given the number of customers who chose to shop in person.

It is very difficult for us to suggest which option is best for you, as this will depend upon a range of personal circumstances.  Whichever way you wish to shop with us, we will endeavour to ensure that your shopping experience is a positive one.  Our advice again remains the same; to buy as early as you can.


6.0.          Additional advice on using our trade counter.


If you wish to use our trade counter service, we would, respectfully ask you to help us by making the following preparations before arrival:


  • Measure your child with a tape measure before you visit.  You will be able to exchange any items that do not fit, but accurate measuring will reduce the likelihood of you needing to return items due to an incorrect fit.  A measuring guide can be found below and on our web page to assist with this.
  • Please do your research before you visit.  Have a handwritten list of all items of clothing that you wish to purchase, including sizes and quantities of each.  We can then take this list from you at the trade counter, so that the order can be picked more quickly. 


Download our trade counter order form here.


  • As you/your child will not be able to try on any items of clothing on our premises, please think about shopping alone to reduce the number of customers on-site at any one time.
  • In view of the requirement to queue outside the store, you may wish to bring with you a chair to sit on, as well as clothing suitable for changing weather conditions on the day.  This may include an umbrella, a sun hat, sun cream, and other clothing items, depending on weather conditions on the day.
  • Finally, please think about when you are planning to come.  A visit earlier in the summer holidays or during early morning are times that are historically quieter.  Unfortunately, if you choose to come during the late afternoon, you may find that our gates have been closed due to the numbers already onsite.


7.0.         Collections.


From the 31st of July, customers who have placed their order through our website and have requested to “click & collect” and have received emailed notification to confirm that their order is ready for collection, will be able to do so, from a separate, dedicated collections point, away from what we expect will be a busy trade counter.  This will not only allow orders to be collected in a quick and efficient way, but for your safety, will also enable us to spread customers across our full site. 

For those of you who may have used this service last Summer, the collections point will be in the same place.  However, for those who will be using this service for the first time, please remember the following instructions when arriving onsite.


Shop Directions


When you arrive on site, please follow the signs to the collection point, where you will be asked for proof of your order number, together with the surname of the person who placed the order.

No order will be released without this information.

Up to the 31st of July, all collections can be made from our trade counter directly.


8.0.         Returns and/or exchanges.


If you have any items that you wish to return or exchange, where the original purchase was made through our website, then the following options apply:


a)    Use our trade counter where any items can be exchanged or refunded in person.  From Monday 2nd of August we will be prioritising all customers who wish to exchange or return any items using our trade counter between 8am and 9am everyday that we are open.

b)    Drop off your items at our collections point, and your refund or exchange will be processed within 48 hours. 

c)    Send your items back to us at the following address:  Nationwide School Uniforms Limited, Vale Road, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, PE23 5HE.


Please ensure that any items are returned in its original packaging, and that if you are using either of options (b) or (c) that all items are placed in a sealed bag together with a copy of our returns form or the original delivery note.  A copy of our returns form can be found within this guide.

Please remember, if you would like to exchange any items and have these posted back to yourself, then an additional postal charge is applicable.  Please help us by visiting our website and pre-paying the return carriage charge in advance.  This will ensure that your replacements can be shipped as soon as your returned parcel has been opened.  This payment portal can be found using the following web link:

 All refunds or exchanges, where the original purchase was made through our trade counter, can only be exchanged, or refunded through the same process in person.

Download our online order returns form here.


9.0.         Help with choosing the correct size.


Although, most clothing retailers refer to a child’s clothing size by age, it is important to remember that all children are different.  Therefore, we would recommend that you take the time to measure your child properly to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of any uniform that you purchase fitting correctly. 

As a supplier, it is difficult to offer exact guidance on this, as it will depend upon how long you as a parent wish the uniform for your child to last and how your child likes clothes to feel when worn.  However, we have included in this guide the following pictograms which we hope will help:


  Measurements for fitting



When you are taking the neck measurement, leave 2 fingers between the tape and the skin.  This will ensure that when the top button is fastened, that the collar is not too tight.

Chest Measurement: 

Image of a chest    Image of a chest

Measure around the fullest part of the chest, making sure that the tape is level under the arms and across the shoulder blades. Make sure that your child is relaxed when measured so that you get a true measurement.

Waist Measurement:

Image of a waist     Image of a waist

Measure around the waist at the natural waistline (smallest part). In younger children this is usually midway between the bottom rib and hip bone.

Inside Leg: 

 Image of a leg   Image of a leg

When measuring, make sure you are stood up straight with shoes on. Measure from the top of the leg (inside near to the crotch area) down to where you want the trousers to finish. This is usually 1 inch from the ground.

Download our paper tape measure template here.


10.0.      Follow us on Facebook.


As we move through the busy “back to school” period, we will use Facebook to post helpful updates for our customers.  Therefore, we would strongly recommend that you follow us on Facebook if you can.


11.0.      Summary.


These continue to be challenging times for us all, and whilst we will endeavour to do everything possible to ensure that your shopping experience with us is a positive one, we cannot do it without your support, understanding and patience.  Our staff are here to help, both in person and by telephone.


By BEING PREPARED, combined with BUYING AS EARLY AS YOU CAN, you can help and support us get through this challenging and difficult period in a safe and measured way.

Everyone at Nationwide School Uniforms thanks you for your continued support and patience.


Your Nationwide School Uniforms Team.